Characteristics of Heating and Cooling Circulator

The equipment adopts PID intelligent control, heating and Cooling Circulator automatically adjusts the power output according to the chemical process technology, accurately controls the temperature of the reaction process, heating and Cooling Circulator and meets the requirements of the reaction process for temperature changes. Specially customized circulation pump can provide maximum flow rate, Heating and Cooling Circulator generate minimum pressure and heat, achieve the highest heat exchange efficiency, Heating and Cooling Circulator minimum system resistance, minimum pump system heat, and minimum system energy consumption. The standard type adopts PLC control, Heating and Cooling Circulator a more humane display interface (man-machine interface), simple operation, Heating and Cooling Circulator which can display the set temperature, outlet temperature and temperature change curve of the working process in the working process, Heating and Cooling Circulator and realize the multi-segment programming of the temperature of the program.

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The standard type can set the maximum temperature difference between the kettle body and the jacket according to the safety requirements provided by the reaction kettle manufacturer. If the temperature difference between the inside and outside reaches the safety limit value required by the manufacturer, Heating and Cooling Circulator the device will automatically stop working and give an alarm prompt to ensure that the reaction kettle is not it will break due to excessive temperature difference.

Characteristics of high and low temperature circulation device: high and low temperature circulation device adopts wave-shaped plate heat exchanger, heating and Cooling Circulator with large heat exchange area and fast heat exchange speed. The entire liquid circulation is closed: there is no evaporation of oil mist at high temperature, Heating and Cooling Circulator and the heat transfer oil will not be oxidized or browned; at low temperature, it will not absorb water vapor in the air, extending the life of the heat transfer oil, Heating and Cooling Circulator and the use cost is low. Precisely controlling the temperature of chemical reactions is the first choice for safely controlling exothermic reactions.


Post time: Nov-17-2022