3 Stages Short Path Wiped Film Molecular Distillation Machine

Product Description:

The 3 Stages Short Path Wiped Film Molecular Distillation Machine is a continuous feeding & discharge distillation machine. It perform a stable vacuum condition, a perfect golden yellow Herbal oil, 30% more yield coefficient.

The machine assembles with Dehydration & Degassing Reactor, which will do the perfect pretreatment before distillation process.

The full jacketed pipelines designed in the machine are heated by an individual closed industrial heater. Magnetic drive transfer pumps between stages and the discharge gear pumps are all heat tracing ones. That will avoid any coking or block in long time running.

Vacuum pump units are made of industrial roots pump, rotary vane oil pump unit and diffusion pumps. The whole system is running in high vacuum 0.001mbr/ 0.1Pa.

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General Features

● Continuous feeding & discharge, industrial grade high precise magnetic driving gear pump.

● Pretreatments are integrated, such as decarboxylation or degassing.

● Heating preservation, full jacketed pipelines, transfer pump, feeding pump and discharge pump.

● High Vacuum, industrial grade vacuum pump unit (Rotary Vane Oil Pump + Roots Pump + Diffusion Pump)

● Process visibility,60 mm big diameter sight windows make every process clearly.

● Long time service life, no coking or jam in long time running.

● Compare with 2 stages short path molecular distillation machine, the 3 stages one’s yield coefficient is 30% more.


Technical Parameters

Model MMD-03-3 MMD-05-3 MMD-1-3 MMD-2-3
*Throughput Suggest Feeding Rates (KG/HOUR) 3~6 8~12 25~40 80~100
Herbal Throughput (KG/HOUR) 2~4 6~8.5 20~30 60~70
 Whole System Vacuum Degree 0.01mbar/1Pa
Evaporator *3 Units Evaporation Area     (M²) 0.3 m² 0.5 m² 1.0 m² 2.0 m²
nternal Condensation Area (M²) 0.6 m² 1.0 m² 2.0 m² 4.0 m²
Evaporator Outside Diameter                   (mm) 230mm/9.1" 350mm/13.8" 510mm/20.1'' 690mm/27.2"
Evaporator Inside Diameter                   (mm) 150mm/5.9'' 200mm/7.9'' 305mm/12'' 510mm/20.1''
Evaporator Height (mm) 450mm/17.7'' 800mm/31.5‘’ 1050mm/41.3'' 1200mm/47.2''
Wiper Style Scraper
Wiper Material SS316L(Support) / PTFE+ Graphite composited (Wiper blade)
Sealing Type Magnetic Sealing
Rotor Motor Power (W) 120 200 400 750
Speed Regulation Mode Variable Frequency Drive / VFD
Max. Rotate Speed (RPM) 140 RPM
Max. Temperature 280°C
Dehydration & Degassing Feeding Vessel
Volume(L) 50 L 50 L 100 L 200 L
Heating Method Electrical Heating
Heating Power (KW) 2 KW 4 KW 5 KW 6 KW
Stirring Power (W) 200W 370W 550W 550W
 Max. Stirring Speeding (RPM) 50 40 30 25
Feeding Filter Filtration Bore Diameter (UM)  50~100 50~100  50~100  50~100
Capacity (L/HOUR) 50 100 150 200
Feeding Pump Flowing Rate (L/HOUR) 10 20 50 100
Lift (Mpa) 0.2 Mpa 0.2 Mpa 0.2 Mpa 0.2 Mpa
Power (W) 120W 200 W 200W 400W
Transfer Pump Between Stages/Magnetic Driving Pump*2 Sets Flowing Rate (L/HOUR) 10 20 50 100
Lift (Mpa) 0.3 Mpa 0.3 Mpa 0.3 Mpa 0.3 Mpa
Power (W) 120W 200 W 200W 370W
Discharging Pump /Magnetic Driving High Precise Gear Pump*4 Sets Flowing Rate (L/HOUR) 10 20 50 100
Lift (Mpa) 0.3 Mpa 0.3 Mpa 0.3 Mpa 0.3 Mpa
Power (W) 120W 200 W 200W 370W
Heating Preservation Method Jacketed Insulation, Secondary Heater Provide Heating Separately
 Heat Tracing Parts All the transfer pipelines, transfer pump, feeding pump and discharge pumps
Support Frame Material SUS 304
General Information Dimension (L*W*H / meter) 2.5*2.0*2.4 3.3*2.4*2.4 4.3*5.0*4.5 13.0*5.8*5.4
Weight (KG) 750 1250 2250 2880
Power (KW) 23 30 100 138
Optional: Replace Traditional Dry Ice or Liquid Nitrogen
Optional A./ Super Cryogenic Machine Temperature Range (°C) -80°C~RT
Refrigeration Power (W) 1471 W 2206 W 2942 W 4413 W
Lift (Meter) 15 M 15 M 18 M 20 M
Circulation Rate (L/HOUR) 8 10 12 15
Optional B./ Super Cryogenic Machine B. Temperature Range (°C) -120°C~RT
Refrigeration Power (W) 2800 W 4400 W 5800 W 8400 W
Lift (Meter) 15 M 15 M 18 M 20 M
Circulation Rate (L/HOUR) 8 10 12 15


1) *The process capacity data listed above are as specific process capacity for crude hemp oil.

2) For bigger process capacity machines are available also.


1) Why I see a different process capacity from other suppliers? Especially both of the equipment have same figure of evaporation area? 

Generally speaking, normal process capacity is depend on the evaporation area. Once the evaporation area is fixed, then the normal process capacity is also fixed.

Since different feeding material with different nature, there will be a specific process capacity.

Specific process capacity is usually smaller than normal. For example, specific process capacity of hemp oil should be half of the normal capacity due to the high viscosity.

Besides that, the heating temp. Setting or vacuum degree would affect the process capacity, the affect will be every slight, though.

2) What's the specific process capacity for this machine?

We have 4 models for different process capacity.

MMD-03-2, 3~6 L/HOUR (Specific Process Capacity, Suggested)

MMD-05-2, 8~12 L/HOUR (Specific Process Capacity, Suggested)

MMD-10-2, 25~40 L/HOUR (Specific Process Capacity, Suggested)

MMD-20-2, 80~100 L/HOUR (Specific Process Capacity, Suggested)

3) Is it a turnkey machine?

Yes! It is a turnkey machine come with all the supporting facilities such as heater, chiller and vacuum

4) 3 stages molecular distillation machine VS 2 stages one VS Single stage one?


5) Do you have after-sales service?

Yes! We provide 24-hour online support, video technical support and free spare parts for free.

Overseas field Installation, commissioning and training is also available.

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