Pilot Scale Vacuum Freeze Dryer

Product Description:

The Pilot Scale Vacuum Freeze Dryer has changed the tedious operation of the traditional drying process, prevented the pollution of materials, and realized the automation of drying sublimation. The dryer has the function of shelf heating and programming, can remember the freeze-drying curve, Comes with USB flash drive output function, convenient for users to observe the freeze-drying process of materials.

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Product Advantage

● The sealing door of the drying chamber is made of aviation grade acrylic material, high strength without leakage.

● Seven inch real color industrial touch screen, high control precision, stable performance, easy to operate without instruction manual.

● International famous brand compressor, high efficiency, energy saving, more stable.

● Air valve, water stuffy, high vacuum safety diaphragm valve, can be connected with inert gas to extend the shelf life of materials.

● Manual, automatic mode selection, manual mode is used to explore the process; Automatic mode for mature process, one click operation.

● Monitoring screen; Real-time monitoring of shelf temperature, cold trap temperature, vacuum degree and other operating states.

● Data recording mode, multiple selection of data recording, data export and other functions.

● Temperature control mode at any time switch function; Sub-standard rising and cooling mode, with smooth temperature control mode.

● Freeze-drying curve query function, you can view the temperature, vacuum and other curves at any time.

● Set the user level permission password to access the operation management by permission.

● This machine can store 40 groups of freeze-drying process, each group of process can be set up 36 sections.

● This machine defrosting function: natural defrosting, high safety performance.

Pilot Scale Vacuum Freeze Dryer













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Product Parameters

Model ZLGJ-20  ZLGJ-30  ZLGJ-50  ZLGJ-100  ZLGJ-200  ZLG-300
Freeze-dried Area(M2) 0.3 0.4 0.6 1.0  2.25 3.15
Cold Trap Coil Temperature(℃) <-75 (No load)
Ultimate Vacuum(pa) <10 (No load)
Pumping Rate(L/S) 4 6  6(220V)
Water Catching Capacity(Kg/24h) 4 6 8 15 >30 >45
Type Of Cooling Air Cooling
Defrosting Mode High Temperature Defrosting Natural Defrosting High Temperature Defrosting Water Soaking
Main Engine Weight(Kg) 323 333 450 570 1200 1275
Main Engine Size(mm) 800*800*1550  880*735*1320  960*785*1450  1020*780*1700  1200*2100*1700  900*2650*1580
Total Power(W) 3500 5500 6500 135000 145000
Material Tray(mm) 3 Material Tray,Size 265*395*30 4 Material Tray,Size 295*335*30 4 Material Tray,Size 350*470*30 6 Material Tray,
6 Material Tray,
Size 500*450*35
14 Material Tray,Size 500*450*35
Shelf Temperature Range(℃) -50℃~70℃
Shelf(mm) Shelf 3+1 layer,
Shelf Spacing 50,
Shelf Size 270*400*15
Shelf 4+1 layer,
Shelf Spacing 50,
Shelf Size 300*340*15
Shelf 4+1 layer,
Shelf Spacing 50,
Shelf Size 360*480*18
Shelf 6+1 layer,
Shelf Spacing 100,
Shelf Size 360*480*18
Shelf 5+1 layer,
Shelf Spacing 80,
Shelf Size 505*905*18
Shelf 7+1 layer,
Shelf Spacing 70, Shelf Size 505*905*18
Main Power Supply(VAC/HZ) 220/50 220/50(Optional380/50) 380/50 3 Phase 5 Line 380/50
Environment Temperature (℃) 10℃~30℃
Opposite Temperature ≤70%
Working Environment Working Environment Should be Free From Conductive Dust, Explosive, Corrosive Gas, and Strong Electromagnetic Interference
Transportation Storage Conditions Ambient Temperature(℃) -40℃~50℃

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